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Mac Os 9.2 System Error Type 10

You can not post a blank message. Resources For The Older Macintosh Understanding SCSI Specifications How To Recover Your Data If Your Mac Dies Forever Linux on a Mac Accented Characters on Macintosh ResExcellence - Everything you need Isn't there some kind of way I could boot the HD from my other Mac and delete/ reset files? It will not boot with or without extensions.Could this be symptoms of a bad hard drive? Check This Out

If there's no entry for the instruction, you see one of these errors. It's a fairly random error and can strike as unexpectedly as the Spanish Inquisition, but I encountered my first one in ages just today on opening a Quark 4.11 document on Any disk utility?

. . . . . Let us know what happens when you try the above. __________________ Jonathan S.

The friend I received it from reported it worked well earlier this week however it started giving him these issues but a reboot would solve the problem. NEVER RUN NORTON Disk Doctor 6.0.2 or earlier on an OSX system. DefaultApp - Utility that allows you to open documents matching certain file/creator types through applications you specify, instead of through the applications that created those documents.

The icon is, however in the Extension folder but doesn't appear in the Extension list that allows you to turn them on/ off.I read that you could also download URL Access Join us to comment and to customize your site experience! Also change the Monitor Depth, Sound Volume, and shut down the computer. All Experts Macintosh OS Q & A Experts Exchange AllMacs AppleMacUK Internet Only Macintosh Users Acrobat Macintosh Forum Acrobat Reader Forum 1-Apple Mac Boards The Mac Forum Computing.Net - Mac Forum

Shows memory fragmentation. Installer Observer - Discovers all changes that an installer has made by essentially comparing before and after states of the system; scans the system independently of the program that made the TechTool Pro 3 - Recovers lost data; Repairs drive problems (Zip, Firewire, USB); Virus protection & repair; Reports software conflicts & compatibility issues; Optimizes hard drives; Backs up critical directory data; Check to see if the document size exceeds the application size limits.

It popped up a "first time use" dialogue box as if it was going to install it, and then it gave me the Type 3 error and froze. Quik Floppy Copy - Quick and easy way to copy your collection of floppy disks to convenient Zip disks. The stack can dip into the heap for just a few cycles and not be caught by the stack sniffer. So, the only option that it gives you is to restart, and holding down the shift key like it says does nothing.

Resetting the Parameter RAM (PRAM) PRAM and PRAM Battery - About - How To Everything You Need to Know About PRAM Don't Forget Your Mac's CUDA switch PRAM, Cuda, and the I did a clean reinstall and now its running great. . To determine which of your extensions or control panels is causing the failure, create a folder on your desktop and place all your non-Apple extensions and control panels in that folder But you can get this error when an earlier error causes the Macintosh to falsely detect an out-of-memory condition.

All rights reserved. his comment is here TechTool Lite - Analyze your system file for damage, Zap the PRAM, rebuild the desktop file, and more. How to use TomeViewer Mac OS 8.5 Install Guide Mac OS 8.6 Optimization Tricks Desktop Rebuilding Memory, RAM RAM Disk - The Rescue (How to?) What the Heck is a Recovered data are saved to another medium, leaving the original disk untouched.

Tips and Techniques for resolving and/or diagnosing system instability Macintosh Troubleshooting FAQs A general diagnostic procedure for Macintosh freezes and crashes Ultimate Troubleshooting Guide Mac OS 8 & 9 Crash Tips When the 68000 encounters such an instruction, it looks it up in the instruction table. DeskPictRotator - An application for periodic changing of the desktop picture (similar to screen saver, except changes desktop). this contact form CD-ROM ToolKit - Uses small amounts of RAM and disk space as a cache to dramatically accelerate CD-ROM performance.

These are usually caused by incompatible software or software conflicts. Clockometer - Lists type of Processor and measures your Processor, Cache Bus and System Bus speeds. Allows you to force close any serial port.

If those routines aren't available, you see this error.

This is using Mac OS 9.2. List Open Files - An application that displays a window listing the names of all currently open files along with each file's location. Is it possible that the version of Word is just too old a version for OS 9.2.x? If there's no entry for the instruction, you see one of these errors.Click to expand...

AutoCheck - Automates Apple's Disk First Aid to verify all disks at once. HandyMan - Application dock and launcher that sits in the Control Strip. Terry Morse Myrmidon - Perfect for quickly converting text to HTML, and it works directly with documents from a variety of sources, including Microsoft Word and Claris/AppleWorks. navigate here KasticK View Public Profile Send a private message to KasticK Visit KasticK's homepage!

Zlib compression enabled.Powered by UBB.threads™ PHP Forum Software 7.5.8 Restart or boot, immediately press the Spacebar, keep it held down. SerialSpeed - Accelerates your serial ports to 115Kbps or 230Kbps, even if your application software does not support these high speeds. Ghost Hunter - File management tool combined with a hexadecimal editor.

All Rights Reserved. Size of the HDD? Quickly convert Word files to AppleWorks, RTF or Text for use with other programs. As for the error, I looked it up on www.AppleErrorCodes.com, but its description doesn't seem right, since the problem is on a G4 and the error described problems with 68Ks.

You may be able to recover it with the patch someone put out for Norton called Drive Fix 1.1.