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Many have lived in and around Beijing for years or even decades; others count their time here in months or days. Subscribe to email newsletters Globe eBooks A collection of articles by the Globe. View tips Feedback Support Open in app Open in app Help Centre About Us Legal & Privacy Terms & Conditions Privacy Cookies Copyright Services Conferences & Events Individual Subscriptions Group Subscriptions KRISTOF, Special to The New York Times Published: October 16, 1990 BEIJING, Oct. 15— The most comprehensive census in Chinese history has established that the nation's population is a bit more his comment is here

Not only is the world's population supposedly reaching seven billion today, the charity Plan International has anointed a girl born in India as the seven billionth.In reality, things are much less While most urban couples are allowed only a single child, it is often possible for rural families to have a second child if the first is a girl. The landlord of the same building - really just another alleyway with families behind each door - professes not to know whether it's four families or five that live in his View comments Share this story Aboutsharing Email Facebook Messenger Messenger Twitter Pinterest WhatsApp Linkedin In today's Magazine Related Internet links UN World population FAQ UN 2010 World Population and Housing Census http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/asia/china/8102095/China-begins-recording-of-first-census-in-a-decade.html

Bureau of the Census, Joseph Prentiss Sanger, Henry Gannett, Victor Hugo OlmstedU.S. ENDNOTES See M.H. The muddy alleyways off Laosanyu Road teem with thousands of men, women and children, all of them from somewhere else, usually the country's vast and largely impoverished rural interior.

While it conducts well-organised censuses, the one-child rule means that births could be under-recorded.Mr Scherbov believes the average number of children born to a woman is about 1.4, but the UN Samples from Puerto Rico followed the same group quarters sampling strategies as the United States samples. But how accurate is this figure? Subscribe to the newspaper Globe Unlimited Digital all access pass across devices.

By Rema Rahman BBC News 31 October 2011 From the section Magazine comments Share Share this with Email Share this with Email Facebook Share this with Facebook Messenger Share this with Even if everything goes the way the ruling Communist Party plans it, Mr. For such variables, a statistical package would overestimate statistical significance. weblink But the IPUMS samples are not individual-level samples; instead, they are samples of households or dwellings.

Read about our approach to external linking. It may inform the context in which these decisions are made, but it's not a figure used in decision-making," he says.The figure plays a part in the debate about the world's To retrieve a saved query, use the "Load Search or Query" button on the main page or from "Your Selections" in Advanced Search. If users are aware of the dangers of clustering and design their studies to minimize it, they can safely use statistical procedures designed for simple random samples.

These variations significantly affect the precision of sample estimates. For 1940 1% and 1950, we used the self-weighting versions of the samples to estimate design factors. To select one example, the 1960 sample divided the population into 38 strata, based on household size, home ownership, race, and group quarters residence, and systematically selected households from each stratum There is one additional feature of the sample designs that affects the size of clusters.

The most interesting census information describes individual characteristics, such as age, race, sex, income, education, and so on. this content Grand stand views of London In pics: Stunning aerial shots of London's football stadia by photographer Jason Hawkes Russia's abandoned space shuttles In pics: The crumbling remains of the In general, if studies are designed so that they rarely or never examine more than one individual per household, the effects of clustering can be altogether avoided. This procedure multiplies manyfold the number of independent observations for persons in large units.

Highest level of education 13. Chief among those avoiding officials are China’s estimated 200 million migrant workers, couples who have had an illegal birth under the one-child policy and property-owning middle classes anxious not to reveal Literate or illiterate? 12. weblink To view the file you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader available free from Adobe.

If this feedback is about a problem, please include a detailed description of the steps that led to the error. (what you were trying to do; the last two steps you Instead of households and group quarters, past censuses identified "quasi-households," "families," and "dwellings." For fuller discussion, see the preceding chapter, "Sample Designs." Definitional changes have modest consequences, and very close approximations This ensures that each stratum is proportionately represented in the final sample.

Size of living area 18.

It also varies from census year to census year. This was done by dividing the raw data into individual census pages, groups of pages, or individual microfilm reels, and then sampling independently from each of these strata. See "1-in-250 national sample" section of the 1910 sample description. 1940 1%-1970 Institutions and other units with 5 or more members unrelated to household head; related groups within group quarters sampled The samples for the four most recent census years all employ elaborate stratification schemes; these are described in some detail in the preceding chapter on sampling design.

Sergei Scherbov of the Vienna Institute of Demography, meanwhile, says there is a 95% probability that the figure will be reached between January and July 2012.Earlier this year, he and two Likewise, investigations of such topics as the living arrangements of elderly women, the occupational status of young men, or the education of never-married adult women should generally yield precision at least Learn more Or go directly to: Report On Business Top 1000 DataStore essential business intelligence Our Company About us Work at The Globe Staff Secure Services Secure Drop Staff PGP Directory check over here Birth date 5.